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Presented by Landon Blake, Redefined Horizons.
The record-of-survey review map process is often a frustrating experience. Both the submitting land surveyor and the reviewing land surveyor can feel this frustration. In this webinar, Landon will offer his suggestions for improving the record-of-survey review process. His suggestions are based on experience submitting maps from around Central California.
In the webinar, Landon will answer these questions:

  • What type of data should go with the first map submittal?
  • When should the land surveyor send the map submittal with a cover letter?
  • How should the submitting surveyor deal with requested changes they won’t make?
  • How should the reviewing surveyor handle mandatory changes versus suggested changes?
  • What role do technical staff have in map review? How should the licensed surveyor supervise them?
  • Who decides when to end the map review process?
  • Is it a big deal to get a county surveyor note on your map? What should the note say?

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